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concept: BERLIN layers of movement

This film collage by the artist Natascha Küderli shows the many-layered transport movements that characterise the city of Berlin.

Local underground and overground trains, as well as buses, boats, trains, bicycles, planes, cars and pedestrians, move alongside, above, beneath and with each other. They do this in tunnels, in the air, on rail tracks, roads, rivers and paths and at landing stages as if they were all participants in a dance choreographed especially for them. It's the pulse of Berlin that captivates the observer.

The film lasts for 45 minutes and shows Berlin's layers of movement over three days and three nights. In creating the film, Natascha Küderli has – as in her photomontages –developed a clear structure for the movement cycles. They make their way from outside to inside (the S-Bahn circular route), from north to south (by boat), and from the central district "Mitte" to the west and the east (by S-Bahn). Then the cycle keeps on moving by boat, underground train (U-Bahn) and tram, by car to the airport and then back to Berlin "Mitte".

Natascha Küderli composes a coherent intertwining of these movement layers. With both of her collage techniques, pictures and film, she succeeds in illustrating the uniqueness of the overlapping and contemporaneousness of the traffic movements in a large city such as Berlin.

The film vibrates to the rhythm of a global metropolis. The different speeds at which people and means of transport move during the days and nights is at once fascinating as well as relaxing and reflects the aesthetic sense of the artist.

BERLIN layers of movement now available as DVD at goodmovies.de and as stream via Amazon and Google Play.

DVD cover Berlin layers of movement by natascha kuederli